Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cowgirl Thrill Rider by Sahalie Blue & Sterling Scott

Sahalie Blue & Sterling Scott are here today with their book: Cowgirl Thrill Rider

The golden age of rodeo for a Nebraska cowgirl. 

Polly Duffy had learned to ride horses almost before she could walk. She loves to ride more than anything. In 1916, at age fourteen, she enters a steer riding contest at the local county fair and wins, never to look back. She becomes addicted to the thrill of the ride be it relay races, bronc busting or steer riding. 

Her pioneer mother wants a better life for her daughter since she believes a woman's place is far from the rodeo arena. But Polly is determined to 'cowgirl up' – to step up to the challenge, and prove that she can ride that ornery, bucking bronc despite being a diminutive female. 

Polly's riding skills bring her to the attention of Texas Jack, a Wild West show promoter. She joins his traveling show in 1920, where she meets champion steer wrestler and bronc rider Buck Delmar. Polly is determined to make it big herself and, with the help of immigrant Cossack trick riders, soon becomes a talented, famous performer, thrilling audiences with her death-defying stunts on horseback. 

She and Buck later join the rodeo circuit, where she competes in trick riding. The hardest, most dangerous, tricks earn the most prize money. As her addiction to the thrill of winning – and the money – grows, she risks reputation and virtue, while putting her life in jeopardy. 

Can Buck help her achieve her dreams with his loving guidance and discipline? 

Note: This sweet, spirited romantic western contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit love scenes.

“Howdy. You must be Polly. I'm your tent-mate, Lulu. Go ahead and make yourself at home. There's yer cot.” The woman gestured to the empty cot on the left. “I'm sorry, that ole quilt has seen better days. You can have Winnifred, our Wild West show's seamstress, make you a new one. She made me this here quilt. Ain't it purty?”

“It is, but I can make due.”

“Well then, suit yourself.”

Polly stowed her carpet bag under the cot and sat down.

“So, I hear you're right fancy on a horse.”

“Yes, I am,” Polly answered, making no attempt to conceal her pride.

“Me, I'm good with a gun. Just like my famous auntie, Annie Oakley.” Lulu paused to see what effect the recognizable name had on her new acquaintance. However, Mr. Beaumont had already informed Polly of the relationship, and she displayed no awe. “She taught me everything she knows,” Lulu continued. “Wait until you see my mirror shots. The crowd loves 'em.”

Lulu, finished painting her toes, began decorating her fingernails.

“But, my auntie's ladylike behavior didn't rub off on me. No sirree, ain't no way you'll find me sittin' around doing embroidery and needlepoint,” Lulu snorted. “Say, you ever have any problems with a no good, pesky varmint around here —the two-legged kind, that is, let me know. I'll blow his pecker off.” The sharpshooter laughed heartily. “Seriously, the guys around here are mostly gents. Texas Jack sees to that. So, you shouldn't have nothin' to worry about.”

Not knowing what to say, Polly simply replied, “I wasn't worried.” Relations with men had not entered her mind.

“Well, you do what you're told, and don't mess up in the ring, and Jack'll pretty much leave you alone.” Lulu puffed on her fingers to dry the polish.

“Oh? What would he do otherwise?” Polly prodded.

The sharpshooter lifted a hip and rubbed her flank, “Ah, Spankin' Jack will see you don't make the same mistake twice.”

“Really? He spanks?”

“Oh yeah, he'll tan your hide but good. He's a stickler for perfection. Lulu reached under her bunk and withdrew a brown bottle. She uncorked it and took a swig. “Unlike Auntie Annie, who hosts tea parties, I've got a taste for whiskey. And, Jack don't like it, 'cuz when I'm drunk, I can't see straight. So I miss my targets, the crowd boos, and I'm in deep shit.” Lulu took another swig and laughed.

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Sahalie Blue was born and raised in the Midwestern US along the shores of Lake Michigan. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest, treasuring the great outdoors of her new home. 

Sahalie loves hiking in the region's majestic Cascade Mountains, dense mossy forests and sagebrush-filled deserts. Her revered, special place is Sahalie Falls, a roaring waterfall that pounds the McKenzie River into a rainbowed mist. 

She's been married for several years to a computer guy who loves to tell jokes. She appreciates laugh-out-loud moments. She enjoys reading just about anything, but mysteries, romances, and science fiction are her favorites. She is passionate about expressing her thoughts and feelings in her writing. 

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Sterling Scott writes of his imagined adventures within the backdrop of actual historical events. While some of his stories are more fictional than others, he likes to entwine real events into a new version of how it should have happened. Additionally, he includes experiences from his life and those friends who have shared events with him. 

When not writing, Sterling travels the highways and visits his children. He spends a lot of time playing with his first grandchild. 

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