Monday, August 17, 2015

MC: Callahan by L. Ann Marie


MC Callahan2


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Tiny has lived a rough life.
Born to a drug addicted mother and an absentee father, his mother had plenty of company--not all of it good for a young boy. He's spent his entire adult life in the MC--He knows no other way.
Nancy lived with an elderly aunt when her parents died. When her aunt saw Tiny for the first time, she threw her out. Wanting nothing to do with her young niece from that moment on, Nancy had no options.
When Tiny finds his old lady in Nancy he doesn’t talk about her or advertise how much she means to him for fear of losing her to a Brother without the same commitment values that he has.
But all her life, Nancy has wanted a family. Finally convincing Tiny he would make a good father, Nancy gets her baby. Married for almost eighteen years, Tiny works hard to keep Nancy happy in her life and with him. They share a love for the MC’s kids, but still Nancy demands more. When she heard the group home needed parents she started thinking of a way to convince Tiny they’d be perfect for the job.
All the talk shows in the world can’t help Tiny out of this one.
*Content Warning: includes graphic language and adult sexual situations. Intended for mature audiences 18+

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Bikers driving a motorcycle rides along the asphalt road (blurred motion). First-person view. Focus on the dashboard of a motorcycle

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A former account executive, mother of three and grand mother of two. L.Ann lives in central USA where she found herself unemployed and having too much time on her hands. She decided to spend some time going back to her first love, writing. An avid reader herself she found stories floating around in her head that were just waiting to be written and thought she would test the waters.
L. Ann has written two series, The MC and The Baxter’s, that’s a total of nine books to date dealing with Alpha males and strong women. She uses places she has lived as her backdrops, with Florida and North Carolina still waiting to be written.

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