Friday, November 16, 2012

Fiery Friday Excerpt: Undone

Aren’t the best weekends when you have nothing to do? That’ll be me this weekend, doing nothing and doing it well!  And now for my fiery Friday excerpt I’ve chosen something from Undone – Wanton Witches Book 2.

His anger together with the sexual frustration she instilled reached boiling point. With nothing but the force of his thoughts, he brought her to stand directly before him, not an inch between them. She raised her hand. He thwarted her intention to slap his face by binding both her hands to a tree branch above her head. Pleased with himself, he glanced at her feet and gently nudged her legs apart. The fragrance of her pussy latched on to a slight breeze tickling about her skirt and traveled into his system. She looked at him startled, furious and so darn sexy.
“What’s the matter? Don’t like what I’m doing to you?”
“What are you doing?”
“I thought you taught me well enough for you to know exactly what I’m going to do.” He rounded her curvaceous body, losing what was left of his restraint. He had her tied up for his use. He couldn’t think about anything else but fucking her. He pressed against her body, her firm ass locked with his cock. She shuddered and yanked away from him. He brought her back, right where he wanted her.
“Feel what you do to me,” he whispered into her ear, at the same time using his thought to manipulate the buttons of her shirt. Gooseflesh rose from her skin as he peeled her shirt off her body without using his hands. Her bra came off next. His fingers drifted to those deep-red nipples of hers. He stroked them gently, plying them with tender caresses that had her whimpering against him.
“Zach, don’t do this, please.”
“I can do anything I want to you. I own you, didn’t you hear? Without me, you’ll die.” 

Happy writing!

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