Friday, November 9, 2012

Fiery Friday Excerpt: Unbound

TGIF! And here's something hot from Unbound – Book 1 in the Wanton Witches Series

“Say you wanted me, Michelle, in spite of the spell, before the spell.” His leg slipped between hers—her robe opened, allowing him easy access. “I need to hear you say it.” He shifted the weight of his body. Her naked pussy brushed against his thigh. Pure rousing need filtered through her. She gasped for breath. He captured her mouth and filled it with untamed desire.

Clear, concise thrills of passion streamed into her blood, unhindered by magic, immaculately natural. She clung to him, his mouth, his body. Her hand tore at his chest—desperate to climb into his skin and feel his violent heartbeat from the inside. She ran out of air and didn’t care—his touch, when she was this clearheaded, nourished the morsels of her soul. She poured herself into him, forgot caution, holding back, being untouchable. Wore down her own defenses until she sagged against him, mewling, whimpering, begging to crawl inside him.

He took her in, matching and exceeding her need with his superior strength. His hands fell from her face to her waist, lifted her off the floor and backed her into a wall. His chest crushed her breasts, his mouth bruised her lips. His cock, rock hard, possessed her body without penetrating her.

Happy weekend!