Sunday, May 21, 2017

Love Under the Violet Crown by Sterling Scott & Sahalie Blue

I'm so happy to welcome Sterling Scott & Sahalie Blue to my blog! And they're here to share an enticing excerpt from their new book - LOVE UNDER THE VIOLET CROWN (Passion Quest Book Two)

Mythology becomes truth 

Dr. Julie Patterson is an Alien Anthropologist. She is on a quest to bring peace to the Galaxy.

Julie and her scientific team are aboard the starship Kart Wilhelm, orbiting the planet Maia-3 with its population of Bronze Age humanoids. Their mission is to redirect the focus of the war-like beings to become successful trading partners. To accomplish this goal, the invading scientists kidnap key individuals and implant new ideals of peace and freedom into their brains.

A native of Maia-3, Iva is a member of the wealthy and deeply spiritual Violet Crown family. Following the custom of her people, her father arranges a marriage to the mathematician, Archmed. Although Iva is an influential citizen, her marriage is only for producing children. However, she longs for true love with her husband. She wants him to reject the concubines he uses for pleasure and lie with her alone.

One night, the scientists seize Iva and Archmed. Iva mistakes them for the gods. Remembering the experience, she has a plan to capture her husband’s love.

The best laid plans of scientists and natives go awry. Following their long voyage through hyperspace, the starship’s crew is distracted by the amorous, scantily-clad natives on the warm, inviting planet. Combining business with pleasure creates problems for Julie’s objective. Meanwhile, Iva is kidnapped by a sinister native bent on having her as his wife. The
fledgling unity on Maia-3 is shattered.

Can Julie and her lover, Marine Lt. Harold Hunter, restore discipline to the ship and bring peace to the natives? And what is Dr. Patterson’s secret mission?

This sexy, spanky, romantic romp in outer space is a sequel to “Love on a Forbidden Planet”, but it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

A drone with four claw-like legs suspended in the air a few feet behind the back edge of the table. Wand-like probes extended from the front two legs, while the back two leg extensions looked like small wooden planks.

Harold explained as he picked up a remote control from the table's edge. “The engineering team partnered up with Mrs. Hazelton to develop this contraption and asked me to make sure it works. You, my dear Julie, are to be our test subject. Welcome to the 'Walloping Wilhelm'.”

“What?” Julie collapsed into laughter. “The Walloping Wilhelm? Surely you can't be serious?”

When she stopped to catch her breath, she found him staring at her, an amused expression on his face.

“I am quite serious. Think of this as an experiment. As a test subject, you will be making a serious contribution to science by submitting to our spanking machine.”

Julie protested, “A spanking machine? You're not going to use that-that thing on-on me, are you? You just told me you hate to see a woman cry!”

“I do, but that is when a spanking is for punishment. When I spank a woman for pleasure it is another matter entirely. Indeed, I assure you this spanking is not intended to fully punish you. It is for a test demonstration. Although, I do think you need a few good wallops for your little temper tantrum back there at dinner.”

“I'm sorry, Harold. Really,” she whined.

Sterling Scott writes of his imagined adventures within the backdrop of actual historical events. While some of his stories are more fictional than others, he likes to entwine real events into a new version of how it should have happened. Additionally, he includes experiences from his life and those friends who have shared events with him.

When not writing, Sterling travels the highways and visits his children. He spends a lot of time playing with his first grandchild.

Sahalie Blue was born and raised in the Midwestern US along the shores of Lake Michigan. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest, treasuring the great outdoors of her new home.

Sahalie loves hiking in the region's majestic Cascade Mountains, dense mossy forests and sagebrush-filled deserts. Her revered, special place is Sahalie Falls, a roaring waterfall that pounds the McKenzie River into a rainbowed mist. 

She's been married for several years to a computer guy who loves to tell jokes. She appreciates laugh-out-loud moments. She enjoys reading just about anything, but mysteries, romances, and science fiction are her favorites. She is passionate about expressing her thoughts and feelings in her writing.

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