Saturday, February 18, 2017

Moments BY Paige Parsons (Sweet Town Love Anthology)

Paige Parsons is on my blog with her contribution to the Sweet Town Love anthology called MOMENTS!

Moments by Paige Parsons

“Well, you just got finished slapping my ass, Jake, I think tears are appropriate!”

A family crisis brings her home. A gift of love brings them back together. Share in the moments that take them from friends to lovers. Beulah Isabelle Grayson and Jacob Martin meet in the seventh grade and experience life side-by-side from puberty to college. A broken heart and misunderstandings tear them apart, after their high school graduation, and Belle decides she never wants to see him again. Ten years later, Jake is back in her life and saving the day. Belle knows she owes him the one thing she hasn't been ready to give, a chance to explain. Clearing up the past finally gives them the opportunity to create the future they've both desired.

“You always have to keep pushing. You know what, we’re not going to even bother your parents with any of this. There’s no way I’m going to watch you unravel and ruin your friendship over some perceived wrongdoing. This gets settled right here and right now.”

Turning her around Jake frog marched the girl he’d been falling in love with the last two years to her bed, and without ceremony, had her over his knee. Damp skin and skimpy swimwear eliminated the need for him to bare her. If Belle were lost for words or unsure about what was coming next, the smacking sound that bounced off her walls and back to her ears confirmed her fear. He couldn’t seriously be doing this, today, and after ending things. Her blood was boiling. He wasn’t stopping. Things were getting out of hand. Smack, after smack, after smack landed on her upturned bottom and the building heat was hard to ignore. His hand was even harder.

“You are such an ass! I hate you, Jake Martin. I hate you with everything in me and I will never forgive you.”

“All you had to do was talk to me. But, no you had to sneak around, start a fight, cause a scene, and bring the chances of anyone enjoying the rest of the day to a screeching halt. If, you can’t get yourself under control, I’ll send everyone home and let your parents know exactly what went on here today. Geez, Belle, I haven’t seen you like this in forever and I can’t say I missed it!”

Paige Parsons is a creative Joan of all Trades, with her first love being theatre. Now living and working in Japan, Paige, a native New Yorker, has always loved the world of make believe. Whether reading, writing or performing she loves a good story. 

She holds an undergraduate degree in Communications-Broadcast Journalism/English-Creative Writing, a graduate degree in Elementary Education, and is ABD for her doctorate in Education-Brain Research. 

Having spent the last 25 years collecting stories around the stage as an actress, stage manager, and production manager, it is no surprise that Paige loves to tell stories, read stories, and put stories up on the stage.

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