Saturday, June 18, 2016

#SatSpanks - The Billionaire's Bride

It's that time of the week again - #SatSpanks time!

I'm still sharing a little from The Billionaire's Bride. In this episode, Kay blatantly broke a promise she had earnestly made to Nico and that meant a serious spanking for her indeed.

He struck the smooth fleshy part of her ass with extra force. She jerked in shock for a few seconds before she turned her body into a stiff and unyielding mass. She needed to know this wasn’t a playful spanking. He wouldn’t be making her come afterward.
This was her learning a solid lesson about herself, that she was more than she allowed herself to be, and that had to change. After three more strikes, her ass had grown hot to the touch and he could feel her body trembling. He knew tears would be dripping from her eyes.
“Why do you think I’m doing this, Kassandra?”

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  1. He sounds like he seriously means to teach her a lesson she won't quickly forget. Now, I want to know what her response is. Great snippet, April.

  2. Ohhh *shivers* I love this disciplinary snippet, and I love that he asks her a question to make sure she is learning something. Hot!

  3. This man isn't kidding around, and I love that he wants to make sure she understands! Wonderful scene! :)

  4. Another great snippet, April, well done!