Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Today I have the lovely Sandra Cox on my blog with her brand new release Love, Lattes, and Mutants. She's also giving away some awesome prizes so don't forget to enter!


Finding love is hard, even when you aren’t a mutant.
Like most seventeen-year-olds, Piper Dunn wants to blend in with the crowd. Having a blowhole is a definite handicap. A product of a lab-engineered mother with dolphin DNA, Piper spends her school days hiding her brilliant ocean-colored eyes and sea siren voice behind baggy clothing and ugly glasses. When Tyler, the new boy in school, zeroes in on her, ignoring every other girl vying for his attention, no one, including Piper, understands why...
Then Piper is captured on one of her secret missions rescuing endangered sea creatures and ends up in the same test center where her mother was engineered. There she discovers she isn’t the only one of her kind. Joel is someone she doesn’t have to hide from, and she finds herself drawn to the dolph-boy who shares her secrets. Talking to him is almost as easy as escaping from the lab. Deciding which boy has captured her heart is another story...


“Well, well, well, if it’s not the clumsy nerd.”
And the hits just keep on coming. I turn, ready for a fight. My legs planted, my chin up, I bare my teeth. “What do you want, Fahrenbacher?”
“Oh, the little nerd has a backbone.” A couple of his buddies snicker.
If I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, the devil’s winning, while the angel is wringing her hands, shushing me. “A backbone and a brain, which is more than I can say for you, dumbass.” I lift my chin and fist my hands. I have no idea what I intend to do. Edgar is built like a meat locker.
An ugly molten-red suffuses his face. Before I can add any more witticisms, he picks me up, shoves me in my locker, and slams it shut with me inside.
I open my mouth to snarl. Before I have a chance to scream invectives at Edgar the Asshole, a voice stops me in mid-breath.
“Let her out of the locker.”
“This doesn’t concern you, Carlisle.”
“The hell it doesn’t. Let her out, Edgar.”
“If I don’t?”
“You and I are going to dance. After school, in the park where there won’t be any faculty to interrupt us.”
I stare through the slits of the locker door. Tyler has never raised his voice. But the expression on his face turns my blood cold. His eyes are flat, his fists clenched. My mad is gone. Concern for Tyler has taken its place. If his body language is anything to go by, I’m more afraid of his kicking Fahrenbacher’s ass and getting in trouble for it than getting his own tail whipped.
Then I remember his weekend ordeal. Crap. I bite back a moan and ring my hands. For once, I’m smart enough to keep my mouth shut. It doesn’t take a genius to realize interference from me is the last thing Tyler wants.

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A Piper-approved necklace and $10 Starbuck Card

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A Piper-approved bracelet

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Multi-published author Sandra Cox writes YA Fantasy, Paranormal and Historical Romance, and Metaphysical Nonfiction. She lives in sunny North Carolina with her husband, a brood of critters and an occasional foster cat. Although shopping is high on the list, her greatest pleasure is sitting on her screened in porch, listening to the birds, sipping coffee and enjoying a good book. She's a vegetarian and a Muay Thai enthusiast.


  1. Wow, such a fascinating premise and excerpt!

  2. Darn, now I have another book on my TBR pile. Thanks for sharing, April.

  3. Thanks so much for having me on your lovely blog, April.

    Vicki and Ylette, Thank you. I appreciate the kind words and interest.