Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunshine Award

A Sunshine Award in winter!

 So what do you do when you get awarded the Sunshine Award?
1.      Thanks the nominee(s)
2.      Completes a Q&A session (see below)
3.      Passes forward the baton to 10-12 fellow bloggers meriting recognition.

Romance writer, and marketing consultant, Louise Rose Innes nominated me for a Sunshine Award, so thank you, Louise!

Now the Q&A

Favourite Colour?
Favourite Number?  
4 and if 4 is taken then 8

Favourite Non-alcoholic Drink?
Coke and coffee – can’t choose

Facebook or Twitter?   
When I actually get there, I like both.

Your Passion?
Eating chocolate :)

Giving or getting presents?
Both. I get such pleasure out of opening a present that I like to spread the feeling around!

Favourite Day?
Birth of my sons – changed my life forever.

Favourite Flowers?

Thanks again, Louise.
I’m leaving this open for anyone who wants to participate.

1 comment:

  1. Hi April!
    I see we share the same passion: Eating chocolate :)