Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Undone is here!

Undone - Book Two in my Wanton Witches Series from Ellora’s Cave is now available!

Zachary Wilson learns the hard way that paying a courtesy visit to his friend’s three bumbling witch aunts can result in way more than he bargains for. Catching the bad end of a cast spell, he’s left with an illuminated…um, nether region. Now the only person who can cure him of his unwanted radiance is another witch. Fantastic. But this witch is not a rosy-faced elder. She’s sexy as sin and far too tempting.

Once Nikita’s tears of laughter dry from seeing the tall, proud, sexy man and his equally impressive display of goods, she agrees to help him. The large sum of money he’s willing to pay will help protect her sister from a ruthless warlock. But the cure is sex—lots of it. And unfortunately for her, each ride on his glowing member only draws them closer together. To complicate matters, Nikita has a curse of her own, and falling in love could be the end of her.


Nikita quelled the uneasy feelings drumming against her temples. If she didn’t need the money so badly, she’d have ignored the large man and left him to be bamboozled by a gypsy past her expiration date.
He dwarfed everything she held dear the instant he stepped into her entrance hall. She hated every second of him being there in that very same instant. His prominence demanded her full attention and turned the tables on her. She swallowed, flustered, hot and bothered as he swiveled around her open plan. Well, open everything, really—from kitchen to bedroom and living room in between. An underhanded thought flitted through her mind. Nothing in her house would ever be the same again and yet he contained no supernatural powers. He was wholly human and yet powerfully so.
Get rid of him, Nikita. Quickly.
Something about him suggested danger. Nothing palpable, just enough of an undertone for her to sit up and pay attention. The broad width of his shoulders, the fluid muscles outlining the length of jean-clad legs, all spread out in a six-foot-plus casing, made for a daunting figure. Yet he carried himself with casual ease, a laid-back manner that matched his emotional detachment, a trait she seemed uniquely in tune with. If she didn’t know better she’d call him an unusual male specimen, one of whom she hadn’t encountered before. But the exorbitant quality of his clothes, the ridiculously overpriced car from which he had alighted and the shameful value of the watch on his wrist dictated something else.
He was nothing but a gym-trained pretty boy, lavishly spending his trust fund without a care in the world. If she could get a couple thousand out of him, she might be able to buy herself more time in keeping her sister Sumatra safe. She gave him another once-over. She planned to play on his naïveté for all his worth.
“What is it that you need from me?”
He stared straight at her, his gaze held hers tightly bound. She daren’t breathe, daren’t hurry him up with a sharp retort, daren’t think. She drowned in the most mesmerizing eyes she’d ever seen. Charcoal-gray specked with hints of emerald green, framed extensively with thick lashes. She waded through their depth, eager to emerge on the inside. Of him. It’s just curiosity, she repeated in her head. Nothing more.
She didn’t even realize his hands had moved to the button on his expensive jeans until the soft rustle of it popping fluttered in her ears and a zipper being dragged down followed suit. She dropped her head and her gaze slammed straight into his crotch.
She couldn’t believe what stood before her. Excitement washed over her like a refreshing wave of an ocean. A laugh brewed inside her chest. She gave in and it slid out of her throat and escaped from her mouth and from there she couldn’t stop it. She laughed until tears rolled off her cheeks, until her sides ached. And every time she thought she’d got a grip she started again.
He stood there, proud as a bloody god, and if it weren’t for the clenching of his jaw, she’d have thought her reaction to his glowing cock was one of supreme noninterest.
“I’m sorry. I just…” She wiped her eyes with the tips of her fingers. “It’s just that the last time I saw something like that was on a Neanderthal.”

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